Photo of the Fleetwing shipwreck copyright Dan Eggert.

ELLISON BAY — Among the seeming endless wonders that bring people to Door County, the shipwrecks are some of the most fascinating.

Typically a summertime endeavor, reaching some of the many shipwrecks strewn around the Peninsula can often be challenging.

But this winter, with little snow to cover the ice, they can be as close as an ice-skate away.

At least that’s what Sister Bay photographer Dan Eggert discovered.

Eggert posted a series of mesmerizing photos Monday to Facebook showing ice skaters twirling above the wreck of the Fleetwing resting about 10-15 feet below the surface.

The photos have been liked and shared hundreds of times.

“I have photographed it many times with the drone, but never have I found the large pieces out in 50′ of water,” Eggert wrote. “I got to stand over it. My friends wanted to take their kids Ice skating. Immediately I said, lets go north and skate the wreck.”

Eggert cautions that the ice likely is no longer safe following warmer temperatures in recent days.

Eggert, also an accomplished drone pilot, is quite familiar with Door County’s shipwrecks and has chronicled many of them on his website HERE.

According to, the Fleetwing departed Menominee, Mich., at dusk on Sept. 26, 1888, with a load of lumber, bound for Chicago. Heading up Green Bay toward the Death’s Door Passage, the schooner sailed into a building northwest gale.

At 11 p.m. the Fleetwing struck the rocky beach of Garret Bay with a grinding crash that apparently sheared off a mast.

Read the full story of the incident HERE.

By Dan Plutchak

Editor and publisher of the Door County Shore Report