Photo courtesy AJDillon7 on Twitter
Photo courtesy AJDillon7 on Twitter

GREEN BAY — Green Bay Packers running back AJ Dillon is known for his love of Door County, earning the nickname as the unnofficial mayor of the county after one of his first visits after being drafted by the Packers.

Dillon, and his wife, Gabrielle, were married outside of Egg Harbor just a year ago.

Recently, Dillon decided to share his love of Door County with his fans by hosting a scavenger hunt.

Fans from all over the state came to Door County in search of Dillon’s treasures.

The first item, a signed mini-Packers helmet, was hidden on May 18. That was followed by another helmet on May 22 and the most recent, a bobblehead, on May 26.

According to Gabrielle’s Instagram story, the couple and new baby spent the Memorial Day weekend in Door County enjoying the water with friends, so fans are on the lookout for another hidden item.

Packers’ team workouts continue Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday next weekJune 5-6 and 8 the following week, so Dillon will be in Wisconsin for the next two weeks at least.

By Dan Plutchak

Editor and publisher of the Door County Shore Report