Is it legal to paint your name on the building on Anderson Dock in Ephraim, Door County? The answer is yes, with a few rules.
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EPHRAIM — One of the perennially classic scenes in Door County is the Hardy Gallery building on the Anderson Dock in Ephraim.

Covered with thousands of names painted on every possible nook and cranny of available space, the building has been a destination for tourists and photographers for generations.

But is it legal to paint your name on the building? Can anyone do it?

The answer is yes, with a few rules to keep in mind.

A social media post on Ephraim’s official Facebook page laid out the do’s and don’ts if you want to add your name to this iconic landmark.

Built in 1880, the building in fact has long been covered in the names of its visitors.

Originally, ship captains docked here would write the names of their vessels on the warehouse. As industries and modes of transportation shifted, now any visitor to the dock is welcome to paint their name on the building.

You’re actually encouraged to paint your name here, the village just asks that you do so respectfully.

You can paint on the walls of the building, but not the concrete, the light posts, the trash cans, or anything other than the building.

Once you find your spot on the wall, paint using a paint brush or paint markers, please do not use spray paint. Also remember that you are not the only one trying to paint your name on the building. It’s important to be respectful in the size, the color, and even the area where you decide to paint.

Ephraim has been welcoming visitors and having them paint their names at Anderson Dock for over 100 years, a tradition we hope to continue, respectfully.

Any questions about the do’s/don’ts of painting at Anderson Dock are welcome at the Ephraim Admin Offices: (920)854-5501.

By Dan Plutchak

Editor and publisher of the Door County Shore Report