Pebble beach, Door County
Pebble Beach, Sister Bay. Door County Shore Report photos

SISTER BAY — If you’re looking for somewhere unique to visit in Door County with beautiful views and an interesting beach, then Pebble Beach is a destination you shouldn’t miss on your next trip.

Pebble Beach is located just off of Wisconsin Highway 42 by taking Little Sister Hill Road to Pebble Beach Road.

Pebble Beach, like Schoolhouse Beach on Washington Island, has a beachfront made up of rocks rather than sand. Because they are trying to preserve the beach for future generations to come, people visiting Pebble Beach are not allowed to take the rocks — there is a $300 fine if you do.

While swimming is allowed, visitors should be aware that the depth of the water changes fairly quickly, so children or weak swimmers should be cautious.

There are no amenities, so be sure to bring anything with you that you think you’ll need and take everything with you when you leave.

According to a news release from The Door County Land Trust, in 2019, The Land Trust and the Village of Sister Bay announced a partnership to protect 600 feet of shoreline and 17 acres of land as a publicly accessible recreation and natural area. 

The Village of Sister Bay owns and manages the property with public access to the shoreline and land, which is protected as a natural area.

There is limited parking, so be prepared to wait your turn if you happen to show up at a busy time of the day.

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By Carly Renguette

Staff writer, and social media producer