Workers caulk the housing atop the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse. Door County Shore Report photo by Dan Plutchak

FISH CREEK — Work continues this spring on a $3.3 million restoration of the 156-year-old Eagle Bluff Lighthouse in Peninsula State Park.

Workers were seen last week caulking and waterproofing the very top of the lighthouse.

The project that began in late April will focus on three areas: stabilization, restoration and reconstruction, according to the Door County Historical Society, which is spearheading the project.


The issues of rising damp and other conditions caused by excess humidity levels in the building must be addressed or the deterioration will rapidly increase and may become irreversible.


With increased moisture and no electricity to regulate temperatures and provide ventilation, material deterioration has accelerated. Remedying these will return the building to 100% usability, allowing us to properly repair, restore, refurnish, and interpret these spaces accurately.


Reconstruction of buildings that were lost will provide a Visitor Center and areas for educational programs and exhibits that will be accessible to all. The buildings will support modern necessities, while also conveying their historical function.


Work on the lighthouse is being done by National Restoration Inc., one of the premier companies performing historic restoration and preservation in the Midwest United States.

The current gift shop is expected to open for the season on May 24, 2024.

By Dan Plutchak

Editor and publisher of the Door County Shore Report